St. Croix Valley Hardwoods, Inc.

Celebrating 35 years in business

Located in Luck, Wisconsin on Duncan St. in the former Duncan YoYo factory,

Approximately 75 miles north of the Twin Cities.

Gordon Fick, owner started the dry kiln operations back in 1981 along with 3 others.

Long days and hard work, Gordy would be out selling during the day, and run the orders at night.  Eventually Growing the business to its peak back in the early 2000’s.

There were 2 kilns when he purchased the factory, he then added a pre dryer, added 3 kilns, and in 2005 he added 3 more kilns to make it 8 total.  Gordy also purchased a single Kiln operation in Siren Wisconsin in which they dried mainly red oak.  Cabinet components were started at the dry kiln facility until it got to big and ran out of room.  In April of 1997 our Wood Components building was put up, and operational with a day and night shift producing cabinet components, with truckloads of drawer parts going out on a daily basis.

In 2004, Gordy purchased a building and had a retail store set up to offer moldings, plywoods, lumber and hardwood flooring and paneling, an end matcher was purchased and a license was established for our “Luckwood” Hardwood Flooring and Paneling which was sold through our retail store.  It was a great place for the do it yourselfers and the local contractors.  In 2013 we closed the store and sold the building.

St. Croix Valley was selling plywoods and melamine drawer parts to help sell the whole package to the cabinet industry and eventually built a Warehouse in White Bear Lake, Minnesota and made this a distribution yard and delivered products to the 5 state area.  This was part of a full service line of products for our high end cabinet manufacturing customers.

In 2011 Gordy made the decision to sell the White Bear Lake facility as Aetna plywood was inquiring and felt it would be a good fit for them.

In October of 2015 a purchase offer was brought to Gordy and made the decision to sell the dry Kilns portion of the business to McDonald and Owens, it just made sense as it would strengthen this division with the backing of a larger company.

St. Croix Valley Hardwoods, Inc. has come a long way since 1981, with 2 new Weinig molders, Rf Gluer, an opti-match panel maker, 2 Eagle chopsaws attached to the chopline, Maureen Johnson gangrips, straightlines, clamp carrier, double end tenoner, 2 dovetail machines, new Timesaver planer sander and more.  In our peak, SCVH had a total # of employees of 130 plus.

As Gordy has been selling off the separate divisions the questions have come up as to what is happening to St. Croix Valley Hardwoods?  What we have to say to that is we are better and stronger than ever and continue to service our current and future customers to the best of our abilities

As we felt the great peak of our business we also felt the great recession hit, we laid off quite a few of our employees, some of which were there for many years.  Ours sales dropped and we struggled like many of our competitors.   We stuck with the cold calling and continued to seek out new customers, our loyal customers who made it through and stuck with us and are still with us.  We are back to gaining strength and our sales are back up, we have been attaining new customers and welcoming new ventures.

With more of our customers requesting a finished drawer part, in December of 2015 we signed a purchase agreement to purchase a new Dubois UV Roll Coater and is currently up and operational and ready for more orders.  We produce and sell drawer parts in aspen, soft maple, birch, white hard maple, and other special requests. 

St. Croix Valley Hardwoods has built a reputation of meeting customer needs by paying close attention to each step of the manufacturing process, specializing in edge glued panels, frame stock, and dovetailed drawer parts for the kitchen cabinet and furniture industries. Visit our customer service section for links to essential information, maps, and directions.

Offers a wide range of products, unfinished or pre-finished and manufactured to your specification; Including drawer fronts, face frames, mouldings, edge-glued panels, and more.